A joke about Evolutionary Psychology - Thank you Neal Brown

From the March 2011 Edition of Art Review

fel latio Oral sex act performed upon a male. Also
known as a blow job (BJ). When performed upon a
female, oral sex is called cunnilingus, or a muff dive
(MD). The BJ/MD is claimed by certain theorists to
be a measurable unit of socioevolutionary obligation,
and of special interest in relation to determinant
values in cultural practice. Opinions differ as to how
best to apply the concept of the BJ/MD within a
proper disciplinary framework, although there is
now an increasingly precise understanding of what
typically makes up one BJ/MD unit. Proponents
argue that a consideration of cultural developments
from a BJ’s/MD’s-eye view – as if BJs/MDs
themselves respond to pressure to maximise their
own replication and survival – can lead to useful
insights and yield valuable predictions into how
culture develops over time.


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