Last Chance to See Chritstian Janlowski's 'Casting Jesus'

Hurry and go see the Christian Janlowski exhibition at Lisson Gallery because it closes on Saturday.
I enjoyed the film immensely (although I'm not sure about the need for the accompanying captioned photos). The film depicts a day of auditions overseen by a jury of Vatican members to select an actor (from a possible 13 - the significance of which is the only thing about the piece that seems laboured) who best interprets the role of Jesus - the piece was also watched live via a video stream by an audience of 300.  It is a dense exploration of the power of images and the relationship between art, religion and pop culture. The talent show format is not over-stated, but does give rise to some particularly fine moments, like the pettiness of the jurors towards the potential Jesus' and the weirdly sordid moment when the jurors, alone with the victorious Jesus, ask him to do private poses for them.


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